GIETHOORN now has the most amazing collection of GEMSTONES. From Friday July 8 the top collection gems will be shown under the awesome name AMOR NOS PETRARUM UNIT (the love of stones connects us).

What a beautiful name for this impressive collection of unique and special gems and so nearby my studio / atelier, super happy with it! Previously I was already in the opportunity to take a look in the newly constructed building at the centre of GIETHOORN. If you didn’t notice yet, stones, gems, minerals and crystals are my great inspiration while painting. Not only do I get LOST IN COLOURS of gems, as you can read in this BLOG. I also use stones in everyday life. So I drink water in which I have laid down some stones (magnesium, shungiet, calcite) in order to get a more vital and cleaner body. I scrub my skin with stones and when I’m feeling down a bit or have pain somewhere, I put stones on the appropriate spot of my body. So I feel powerful en refreshed again. Gems give me peace, inspiration and help me go down to the deeper layers of my inner being, same like music and art can do. They’re a sparkling element in my life. PETRARUM is part of my favorite museum and shop ‘DE OUDE AARDE’ (the old earth).

OPENING: Friday 8 July 4:00 – 7:00 PM / Binnenpad 30 GIETHOORN /


GIETHOORN is also included in the TOURIST WORLD TOP 20:


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